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Martin Hanke

flechtwerk eigenart ∗ Cuxhavener Str.19 ∗ 21785 Belum ∗ Tel.: +49 4752 5984088 ∗ www.flechtwerk-eigenart.com
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Topic: wickerwork with rattan weaving skelp


  • Workshops are offered primarily in my own studio
  • Appointments are issued by individual agreement
  • Beginner's and advanced classes do not exceed four participants

Topics for the beginner's class:

  • Material Science
  • Frame preparation
  • Hand-made wickerwork - up to a mediocre difficulty
  • Material preservation

Topics for the advanced class:

  • Frame preparation
  • wickerwork- up to a high level of dificulty - produced handmade
  • Get to know alternative techniques

All material is provided, a preliminarytalkis desirable. The cost for the classes is determined according to complexity of the work. A workshop consists of 16 hours. More appointments are also available short of notice. I'm looking forward to an inspiring collaboration with you in the area of wickerwork. Yours, Martin Hanke